The NWDC Mission

Our Mission is to develop and integrate innovative solutions to complex naval warfare challenges to enhance current and future warfighting capabilities.

Products and Services

Concepts- Identifies future capabilities based on challenges and opportunities
CONOPS - Bridges Concepts to future Doctrine/Tactics Techniques Procedures
Experimentation - Explores the effects of proposed warfighting capabilities
Navy Doctrine - Provides fundamental principles guiding military forces
Lessons Learned - Improves readiness by sharing Fleet observations and experience
Wargaming - Explores decision making possibilities and captures human insights
Modeling & Simulation - Logical representation of systems, environments, and models over time to develop Courses of Action

The NWDC Story

Over the years, Navy Warfare Development Command has evolved into an integral part of the Navy's warfighting development system, delivering and integrating new capability to the Fleet at the tactical and operational levels of war. As our Navy faces increasingly capable technologies available to a greater range of adversaries, the Navy looks to NWDC to lead innovation and accelerate the development of operational capabilities. We work to identify critical military problems and develop, integrate, and accelerate innovative solutions that allow the Navy weapon system to out-pace the maritime threats to our nation's security. Forward...For the Fleet.