Lessons Learned

The Chief of Naval Operations has assigned NWDC responsibility for managing the Navy Lessons Learned Information System (NLLIS) to provide a singular feedback process for collection, validation, and distribution of Fleet observations and lessons. The Navy Lessons Learned Program provides the foundation for all Navy organizations to maximize the benefit of experiential learning to change behavior and improve readiness. Contact the PAO for more information.


NWDC manages the Navy Lessons Learned Program and NLLIS. The Navy Lessons Learned Information System is powered by the Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS) which is funded by the Joint Staff.


Accelerate Learning

Create a knowledge sharing culture in the Navy in which every Sailor and Department of the Navy Civilian is a discoverer of information with a responsibility to share lessons with others.

Timely Support

Provide a responsive system in which discovered lessons and best practices can be validated, integrated, and evaluated, and, when necessary, resolve issues and implement corrective actions.

Connect the Fleet

Use NLLIS to network commands, units, and organizations to facilitate collaboration, integration, and the sharing of lessons and best practices.